Digital Audio Reference Theater Systems

dARTS utilize award-winning MultiEQ XT software from Audyssey Labs to correct room nodes and smooth out frequency response. If you’re looking for the most accurate home theater experience in the world, look no further than dARTS.


Phase Velocity Premier Collection Speakers Slider

Premier Collection
Audiophile-Grade Home Theater & Stereo Systems

The innovative, emotional, and stylish PC series represents the highest expression of all Phase Technology has learned in its more than 50 years of experience in speaker design and manufacturing.

Phase Tech Velocity Speaker Collection Slider

Velocity Series
High-End Performance, Unbeatable Value

Named for its stylish and streamlined exterior, the Phase Velocity series delivers incredibly accurate audio reproduction. The series includes bookshelf, tower, and on-wall speaker models, providing a speaker for any need in any room.


Subwoofers Slider

Impressive Low End, Streamlined Aesthetics

The home theater experience just doesn’t feel complete without the powerful thumping of a high quality subwoofer. Choose from four different series for any home theater or stereo application.

Phase Tech Cinemicro One HTIB Slider

Small Box Speaker with Big Sound

Micro-Sized speaker cabinets with high gloss hand-polished piano finish and big sound.


Phase Tech PC3.0 Teatro Soundbar Slider (2)

Teatro Series
Wide-Dispersion, Reference Quality Speakers

Utilizing the same sleek profile as our ultra-thin soundbar, Phase Tech has engineered two new channel speakers to add flare to any room. Phase Tech makes the best soundbars that you’ve never heard of to fit any budget. High-end components and side-firing Spatial Field Expanders (SFE’s) expand the sound stage far beyond the limits of traditional soundbars.

Phase Tech Pendant Open Ceiling Speakers HS-15 Slider

Spacia Compact Speakers
Small Speakers that Pack a Punch

Our most compact 3″ speakers are designed for installations where space is at a premium, without skimping on sound. Designed to fit a variety of installations: in-ceiling, in-wall, open ceiling, and outdoor. We even have a model that fits inside a standard double-gang box!


In-Ceiling Speakers
Audiophile & Pro-Grade In-Ceiling Sound Solutions

High fidelity and professional in-ceiling speakers for home theater and distributed audio. Patented Twist-Lock system makes these the world’s easiest in-ceiling speakers to install.

In-Wall Speakers & Subwoofers
Full-Range, High-End Home Theater In-Walls

High quality, fully featured in-walls come in a large variety of configurations, sizes, and price levels to meet virtually any home theater or distributed installation.


Solaris Outdoor
Surface-Mount & Omnidirectional Weatherproof Speakers

Solaris speakers are built of weather-resistant aluminum, brass, and stainless steel materials, allowing them to stand up to years of wear and tear in any environment.

High Power Amplifier & DSP Solutions

The DP4000 and P350 are a perfect match for most Phase Technology speakers, with plenty of power to spare. Full-range and subwoofer solutions are available.