dARTS 535 Series (Custom Box)

Custom-built dARTS speakers have painted black enclosures suitable for placement in cabinets or behind perforated projection screens. Cabinets can be built to order in our woodshop to match uniquely-shaped mounting locations. These speakers are ideal for “hiding” in the room without the need to cut holes in walls. A system using 535 Custom Box speakers will provide up to 105 dB SPL (THX reference level) in a room measuring up to 8000 cubic feet.The driver complement includes two PhaseTech patented designs: our signature soft dome tweeters (either 1” or 1.125”) and 5.25” woofers constructed of a three-layer composite of glass fiber / Nomex honeycomb / glass fiber (3LC). The subwoofer has a 12” polypropylene woofer with NBR surround and a matching passive radiator. Your dARTS integrator will help determine the proper number of speakers for optimal room coverage. Now available is the DC-660-R, an in-ceiling speaker that integrate into any dARTS system installations and is perfect for Dolby Atmos® theater configurations.

Phase Technology Darts 525 System

Frequency Response (±3 dB) 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Possible Configurations Scalable from 5.1 to 9.2.4 or higher multi-channel systems
Total System Power 250 W x16 (500 W /speaker)
Subwoofer Power (Peak) 1500 W
Minimum SPL (8,000 sq.ft) 105 dB (THX Reference Level)
Dimensions (Mains) 12″ H × 12” W × 7.5” D
Dimensions (Center) 7″ H × 18” W × 9.25” D
Dimensions (Surrounds) 15.25″ H × 10.5” W × 55” D
Dimensions (Subwoofer Option 1) 15.5″ H × 14.5” W × 15” D
Dimensions (Subwoofer Option 2) 28″ H × 14” W × 17” D