In-Wall Speakers & Subwoofers

Full-Range, High-End Home Theater In-Walls

High quality, fully featured in-walls come in a large variety of configurations, sizes, and price levels to meet virtually any home theater or distributed installation.


Dual 8″ In-Wall Subwoofer with Sealed Enclosure
Create deep, accurate bass without altering a room’s design. Easily mount between standard wall studs. Contains patented subwoofer technology. Blend into any room’s decor. Combine with the SolidDrive to create the ultimate “in-wall” home theater system.** The IW-200 is an in-wall subwoofer with a sealed enclosure. The sub enclosure box mounts easily between 16″ on-center wall studs, and its vibration-isolating outer foam layer virtually eliminates the risk of buzzing and wall rattling. Recommended for rooms up to 3,300 cubic feet in volume. Larger rooms can simply use multiple IW-200 subwoofers. Features a 7-year warranty....


10″ In-Wall Subwoofer with 10″ Bass Radiator in Sealed Enclosure & Positive Clamping Mounting System
The new IW-210 from Phase Technology is a dual 10” in-wall sub. Easily installed post-construction, its small size (22”H x 13”W x 3.875”D) is capable of big sound because of the newly designed low-profile 10” subwoofers developed in-house by Phase Tech. Shipped with a magnetic, no-bezel grille, it blends perfectly into any space. Easy installation, great sound and beautiful looks – the IW210 has it all. Matching P350 amplifier available....

P350 Mono / Class-G High-Current Amplifier

P350 Class-G High Current Mono Block Amplifier
The P350 is the companion amplifier to Phase Technology custom in-wall subwoofer systems but its use is not limited to only subwoofer applications. It also has the flexibility of operation as a full range high current, high performance, mono-block audio power amplifier. The P350 is designed to be used with SoundTube, SolidDrive, Rockustics, and Phase Technology. When using with outdoor products, the amp should be located indoors or in a weather-proof encasing....