High Power Amplifier & DSP Solutions

The DP4000 and P350 are a perfect match for most Phase Technology speakers, with plenty of power to spare. Full-range and subwoofer solutions are available.


3-Channel Amplifier
Phase Technology’s P3-35 mini-amp is a powerful and feature-rich amplifier in a small package. The P3-35 features digital and analog inputs, Bluetooth® functionality (so you can stream content right from your smart phone), IR learning (so you can program your television remote to control the amp’s volume), and even a line-level subwoofer output option, allowing you to integrate any powered subwoofer into your set-up. The P3-35 even features Dolby Digital® decoding, ensuring that you’ll never lose the surround content in any Dolby Digital mixes. The P3-35 amp measures only 1 ¼” by 4”, so its small enough to fit behind...

P350 Mono / Class-G High-Current Amplifier

P350 Class-G High Current Mono Block Amplifier
The P350 is the companion amplifier to Phase Technology custom in-wall subwoofer systems but its use is not limited to only subwoofer applications. It also has the flexibility of operation as a full range high current, high performance, mono-block audio power amplifier. The P350 is designed to be used with SoundTube, SolidDrive, Rockustics, and Phase Technology. When using with outdoor products, the amp should be located indoors or in a weather-proof encasing....

DP4000 dARTS Amplifier

Class-D 16-Channel Digital Amplifier / Controller
The DP-4000 digital/programmable amplifier manages an entire dARTS system with 16 channels of Digital Signal Processing and amplification. Each amp channel controls the crossover, time alignment and EQ and provides up to 250 watts of amplification for each driver (woofer, midrange, tweeter) in a speaker. Each subwoofer in the system has its own 500-watt amplifier. Audyssey MultEQ® XT Pro room correction software is integrated in the DP-4000 for precise management of each speaker. By using digital control in a bi-and tri-amped configuration, we are able to achieve previously unreachable levels of accuracy and performance....


The OS-440 is the industry’s first outdoor smart amplifier. The OS-440 can live entirely outside, allowing unprecedented freedom when designing outdoor audio systems. Without being tethered to the house, the OS-440 can wirelessly connect to the home’s network, interface with DLNA servers and even allows wireless multi-zone control. On-board Bluetooth functionality and a WiFi direct mode round out the wireless connectivity options. Control source selection from the MSE-OS App!...