5.25″ 2-Way In-Wall LCR Speaker With Patented Positive Clamping Mounting System

The CI150 is unique in that it combines the front left and right channels with the center channel in two cabinets instead of the normal three. Dual drivers and tweeters offer superb sound quality for all three front channels from just two speakers, producing the same sweeping soundstage as the finest multi-channel movie theater all while providing discreet three-channel performance out of only two speakers. The upper portions of both speakers handle the dedicated left and right content, but the lower portions of each CI150 act as discreet mono center channels which are then fed the same center mix from your source, collapsing the sound into a center image. This creates the illusion that there is a center channel speaker right in the middle of your left and right speakers.

This unique in-wall features patented triple 5.25” tri-laminate Kevlar/RPF™/Glass Fiber flat-piston woofers (patent #4566178) and dual 1” user-adjustable, variable-axis soft dome tweeters.

Proprietary mounting systems are included for the on-wall and flush-mount in-wall systems. The CI150 eliminates the need for a separate center channel and its paintable finish won’t interfere with interior design.

The CI150 pairs with Premier Collection’s PC1.5 and PC33.5.

Specifications: CI150Mounting hardware included
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Sensitivity dB @ 2.83V/1M90 dB
Frequency Response (1)55 Hz - 22 kHz
Recommended Power15 - 200 Watts
Transducer - Low Frequency Driver5.25" RPF® Flat-Piston Fiberglass & Kevlar Composite Cone w/ NBR Surround
Transducer - High Frequency DriverLR tweeter -1" Variable Axis Soft Dome with Unicell Acoustic Treatment Center Tweeter - 1" Variable Axis Soft Dome with Unicell Acoustic Treatment
Crossover Type2-Way Absolute Phase™
Enclosure alignmentSealed
Grille - materialWhite Powder-Coated Glavanized (paintable)
Height (SM = Height)796.9 mm / 31.37 in
Diameter (SM = Width)206.4 mm / 8.12 in
Depth108.0 mm / 4.25"
Cutout Height (Surface Mount Height)771.5 mm / 30.37"
Cutout Width/Diameter177.8 mm / 7"
Cutout Depth98.4 mm / 3.87"
Weight8.4 kg / 18.5 lb
Shipping Weight10.0 kg / 22 lb
Regulatory - CEapproved
Regulatory - RoHSapproved