Teatro Soundbars


3-Way Ultra-Fidelity, Audiophile-Grade LCR Soundbar with EVT Intelligibility Control
Phase Technology’s PC3.0 soundbar produces 3-channel (left, center, and right) audio from a single cabinet. Utilizing Phase Technology’s proprietary driver technology found in the high-end Premier Collection series of speakers, the PC3.0 soundbar gives you incredibly accurate and powerful performance unlike any soundbar you’ve ever heard before. Three 5.25” RPF® flat-piston woofers produce an enormous vertical and horizontal dispersion pattern, allowing a great freedom of placement of the room due to the increased coverage and size of the soundstage. Meanwhile, the patented woven synthetic soft dome tweeters and midranges reproduce the most delicate of high and mid-range frequencies with ease and grace. Custom...


2-Way Ultra-Thin Soundbar with EVT™ Intelligibility Control
The TSB3.0 is a truly ultra-thin, three-channel soundbar – measuring only one and one half inches thick where the bar meets the TV. The TSB features Phase Tech’s “EVT”- enhanced voice technology circuitry. So next time you’re watching a film and can’t make out the dialog, simply flip the EVT switch and the frequencies associated with human speech intelligibility will be bumped up – bringing that buried dialog into the foreground. The TSB also features Phase Tech’s “SFE”-spatial field expander, side drivers which create a wide, enveloping soundstage that extends far beyond the confines of the speaker cabinet. The TSB...