Teatro Ultra-Thin


Dual 3″ 2-Way Ultra-Thin Front and Surround Channel
The TFS 1.0 (Thin Front Surround), just as the name implies, can be used as fronts and surrounds: left, center, right, or any configuration of surround channels, in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation. The TFS speakers come with a wall mount and a horizontal tabletop stand in the box. You can create an entire surround sound system using only the TFS speakers and a subwoofer of your choosing. For optimal sound, pair the TFS with the P3-35 3-Channel amplifier....


2-Way Ultra-Thin CLR Front Channel Speaker
The TCE 1.5 is a “thin center eliminator” – What is a “center eliminator”? It is a system that provides discreet, three-channel performance out of only two speaker cabinets. The upper portions of both speakers handle the dedicated left and right content, but the lower portions of each TCE act as mono center channels which are then fed the same center mix from your source. This creates the illusion that there is a center channel speaker right in the middle of your left and right speakers. The TCE solves a common installation problem where, for one reason or another, a...