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Phase Technology – Leading the Way for Over 60 Years

Phase Technology began building speakers 60 years ago, back when we still referred to them as “loudspeakers”. Since then, a lot has changed besides the names of our products. Today’s listeners want speakers specifically designed for their needs and lifestyles, and we’ve evolved our engineering for these new audio applications. From the world-class performance and flexibility of our new dARTS systems, to the outstanding style of our Phase Velocity Series, to the virtually invisible Custom Installation Series, we build “Speakers For Your Life.”

Building on over six decades of design and engineering innovation, Phase Technology Corporation today occupies a special niche in the intensely competitive home-audio industry. It is one of the few fully vertically-integrated speaker manufacturers in America; producing drivers, crossovers, cabinets and systems. While not all our speakers are American made, we still maintain our vertical integration and produce a vast assortment of models here in the USA.

The OS-440

Without being tethered to the house, the OS-440 can wirelessly connect to the home’s network, and with it being weatherproof, there’s no need to worry about leaving it outside.

Hard-wiring sources is also an option due to analog and digital inputs, allowing the OS-440 to interface with any system or source already in the home. No matter how you connect to the OS-440, you’ll love the many applications this product has to offer.

Featured Products

PC Series

The innovative, emotional, and stylish PC series represents the highest expression of all Phase Technology has learned in its more than 50 years of experience in speaker design and manufacturing.

CS Series

The CS professional series from Phase Technology redefines what you should expect in an affordable in-ceiling speaker, offering the looks
and performance of most other manufacturers’ premium-priced in-ceiling solutions at a much lower cost.

CI Series

CI Series flush-mount speakers utilize the highest quality glass-fiber cones, soft dome tweeters and
midranges all with large, powerful magnet structures behind them ensuring unequaled driver performance.

Our Approach To Quality Control

We are very serious about quality control. During the production process, each speaker component faces many quality control checks before final assembly.Then each completed speaker system must meet precise calibration standards for frequency response, sound quality and appearance. Only after passing the final test is the speaker ready for shipment to your local Phase Technology authorized dealer.

Phase Technology is firmly committed to providing unparalleled support and service to our dealers and their customers. We are very selective about the retailers and installers who sell Phase Technology speakers, so we know you can count on them to provide outstanding service and technical assistance.